Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Additives

I discovered something interesting today doing the grocery shopping. Now we don't do major grocery shopping very often, perhaps once every 6 weeks or so, so it is always a doozie. We stock up as much as possible in one big shop, then just pick up fresh food items weekly until the next big shop.

We are trying as much as possible to go organic and additive/preservative free. So for all of our tinned and jarred goods we read labels.  Guess which branch is consistently free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Go on, guess.

Coles Home Brand.

Bet you didn't see that coming. We were sure surprised. Tinned tomatos - the ONLY brand on the shelf without additives is Coles. Tinned legumes. Coles. Baked beans. Coles. The list goes on. I was stunned. But it makes it easier for future shopping trips. Just go for the Coles brand. :)

In other news we went to a fancy ball last night. I had to go out and buy an evening dress, and I even wore make up! here are a couple of pics.



creativedawn said...

Leave it to the home brand to be the one without additives and harmful food coloring; I would continue reading those labels anyhoo! Lol... Hey you two look positively beautiful!!!

Awesome! love your hair!!!!

Sarah said...

You two are terrific!!

I could write a whole essay about how much I love Coles brand products. They've sold me.