Monday, September 26, 2011

I Rode to Work

For the first time since February. :) It felt amazing to be out on the road in the morning again. I have lost so much fitness, but I am not back to where I started so I just need to pick up from where I currently am and move on. It is about 7.5kms. Not sure how long it took. The ride in to work contains a 6km slight but steady uphill stretch that I really felt. But it felt great. I am going to leave the bike here overnight (it is locked in the shed) and will ride home tomorrow. Just until I am used to being back on the bike.

I am back baby!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post Yoga Update

It is the day after my first yoga session. Last night I felt like I was starting to stiffen up, which to be honest made me worried about today. However I am feeling pretty good today. I am not stiff at all, which is awesome. But I can feel my muscles, if that makes sense. It is a good feeling, I am just kind of aware of them. Particularly my legs.

I can not believe how much I enjoyed the class and am really bummed that there is no class next week. The recommendation is that you do two classes a week, however their other beginners class is not at a time I can attend. I am going to try to get hold of a beginners yoga dvd so I can do another session by myself in the week.

I am a bit surprised at how much I loved it. It feels good to be excited about something like this. :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A month has passed...

Jeepers I am a slacker... Rather than having nothing to say there has been too much. But that is all in the past, no point playing catch up.

Two things to talk about today.

I started a "Fat Chick Yoga" class today. Well, they don't actually call it fat chick yoga, that is my spin on it. It is called "Plus Sized Yoga". I have always wanted to do yoga but have always shied away thinking my size would make it difficult. So when this popped up, I was over the moon.

Only 3 people turned up, although 6 paid their deposit. Hopefully more come next week. She took us through some basic poses and breathing exercises, very gently, and teaching us how to modify them for our size.

Can I just say - I LOVED it! It was absolutely incredible. It felt amazing - although I am getting sore now and there is a chance I will not be able to move tomorrow. :) I was so surprised at how much of my flexibility I have retained from my dancing days. I was the biggest person there, but also the most flexible, so that made me feel pretty good. There was only one pose I did not attempt and that was because it was over extending the Achilles, so I did it on my right leg but not my left. But my Achilles did not hurt in any of the poses at all so I was thrilled with that. Unfortunately there is no class next week, but I can not wait for the next class.

The other news is something I have hinted at before.

As you know I am now an Ambassador for the Cancer Council of SA. My goal in taking in this role was to do a big fundraiser. I came up with the idea a few months ago and have been trying to work out if it is "doable".

Well, I have decided that it is, so I am going to go for it.

My goal is to raise $20,000 and to do that I have put together a team of 8 people. 6 of us (3 men and 3 women) are going to ride our bikes from Alice Springs to Adelaide (1550kms) in August 2013. The other 2 team members will be out support crew. As a team we are planning on doing 10 months of intensive fundraising during which time I want to raise a minimum of $20,000 and raise a whole lot more awareness for the Cancer Council and the work they do.

I have 5 definitely riders and 1 definite support crew already, with other people currently considering whether or not they will be involved. I am starting my training this week, since I am basically starting from scratch. The others will determine based on their own fitness when they feel the best time to start their own training will be.

I am excited, but also terrified. The logistics alone is a bit overwhelming. Add to that the thought of riding 1500kms in 12 days, and I am silently freaking out. But I will do this.

I will keep my other blog - - updated with my training and fundraising etc, but will also let you know here when that gets updated.

Hopefully it is less than a month before I see you all again. I do want to get back to my blogging. I miss you all. :)