Saturday, April 30, 2011

This & That

Today is Day 4 of FlyLady. Last night I did NOT shone my sink when I got home at 11pm. But I have done it now and will do it again tonight. Todays task is to start writing all this down, which I am already doing, so Yay! LOL

Last night we went out to dinner for a friends birthday. It was a lot of fun. We did not really know anyone but that was not a problem. The people we were sitting with were a lot of fun and I laughed all night.

Today has been another day of cleaning and unpacking. I have now nearly finished my sewing room. I hope to get it finished today then I will go to the storage shed tomorrow and get a load to start working through. It is nice to be getting sorted so quickly, but the storage shed will take some time as there is an awful lot of crap in there...

Nothing else really going on, but things are good. :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Fly Lady - Day 3

Firstly - how did Day 2 go. My only 2 things to do were get dressed and shine the sink. Well, I got dressed... LOL I had full intentions of shining the sink, but I literally fell asleep. I got woken up at 11.10pm by Ross coming home from bowling, and I was not doing it then. In saying that, there are only a couple of things in there, so it is not a big deal.

Day 3 today and all I have to do is keep on doing what I am doing.

But... LOL

I will not be shining my sink today either. From work I am out to dinner with friends, then off to the 9.20 session of "Paul". It will be after midnight before I get home.

But tomorrow is a new day and is also my housecleaning day, so it will get done after I get back from the laundromat (still haven't got the replacement washing machine).

I am enjoying this as if nothing else it has me thinking about things.

Tomorrow is also a cooking day. I have the ingredients for 3 new recipes, and I think tomorrow is going to be pumpkin soup in the slow cooker. I will let you know how it goes. :)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fly Lady - Day 2

So Day one of my new organised existence went well. The only thing you have to do in Day 1 is go to bed with a shiny and clean sink. I admit, it did feel nice. :) I will admit there was a mug in it as I had a late hot chocolate, but I am not going to beat myself up over that. One mug is nothing. I will admit I used to often go a whole week without doing dishes. I have been known to either
a) Wash one plate, knife and fork so I can eat a meal, or
b) Order take away because I have no clean dishes.

Eeek! LOL

Luckily I no longer have enough dishes to be able to do that as we have recently given away a lot of things to the Salvos Shop. But even if I did, I don't want to.

The premise of Fly Lady is that it is easier to *keep* a house clean and organised than it is to actually clean and organise it. And it breaks the initial orgnaising process down into baby steps.

So for Day 2 all you have to do (as well as keeping your sink shiny) is get dressed first thing, all the way to shoes, hair and make-up (if I had any hair and if I wore any make up). :)

Now on a week day this is really not an issue. I get up, shower, get dressed, then stumble to work. On a weekend this is more difficult. I have been know to wait until lunch time to shower.  And I do NOT wear shoes at home. I hate them.

But... In the interest of being organised on the weekends I will make an effort to shower and get dressed upon waking. :)

The other thing I did last night was a 15 minute blitz. Because I have just moved I have a lot of unpacking and sorting to do. Fly Lady suggest breaking it down into small chunks so it does not seem so impossible. So I set myself 15 minutes in the sewing room. You should start at the door and work your way in.

I was actually amazed at how much I got done in just 15 minutes. The entry is clear, and the path to the shelves is clear. There are things in the shelves and also in the cubes. There is a rubbish bag on the floor that is half full already. I will do another 15 minutes tonight after the grocery shopping.

My plan is to have that room completely clear by Saturday night so Sunday I can do a run to the Storage Shed and bring back a load so I can start unpacking boxes from there. I also plan on taking my things to the Salvos Shop on the weekend as that will clear some space. I will hopefully be there a few times during this process. :)

I am really enjoying setting up this new house, and I truly hope we will be there for a while. :)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Settling In

Sorry for the long gap between posts. We are all moved in to the new house and are settling in nicely.

Good Friday was moving day. We enlisted our friends (some amazingly hard working people) who helped us get our furniture from all corners of the city and get it all settled into our new home. It ended up being a really fun day and we topped it off with pizza and beer and great conversation.

Saturday we took the truck to my sisters and helped her move. :) By Saturday night we were exhausted... LOL

Sunday morning I was madly unpacking, and cleaning, and arranging. So far i have 2 bags of clothes and 2 boxes of kitchen stuff for the Salvos Shop.

Sunday afternoon was our family Easter afternoon tea (combined with the SIL's birthday and nephews birthday). The kids had an egg hunt and it was actually a really fun afternoon.

Monday I spent organising and unpacking. The 4 main rooms of the house are done - ie, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom. Ross's computer room and my sewing room are still in states of chaos, but I am working through mine. We also still have a storage shed full of stuff, although to be completely honest most of it is probably going to end up at the Salvos shop or in the bin. Considering most of it has been there for over a year and I can't even remember what is there, I think it is time to let go.

Yesterday was a Jammie Day. I was buggered and just needed to rest. I had Buffy on the DVD player and my stitching, and I was happy. :)

Since I am just setting up my new house and am in the process of cleaning, organising, and decluttering, I figured now was the perfect time to get some expert help and have signed up for Fly Lady emails. I am going to start working my way through the 31 days of Baby Steps that are designed to get you started on the way to being more organised. Day 1 is "Shine your Sink". Since I am already getting myself into the habit of getting my dishes done every night (something I used to be really slack at) this one is going to hopefully be easy. I will do it tonight after dinner.

Things are really good and I promise there will be more posting happening here.


NOTE: Some of you may have noticed there is no longer any weight loss stuff here. Some people who are reading this are people I do not want knowing about this part of my life. I have started a new anonymous weight loss blog. It is just for me to sort through my own crap. So I apologise, but none of that information will be on here anymore.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well, we have moved. Have been here 2 nights so far and it is great. We do not have any furniture here yet, but we have the kitchen unpacked, and we have our clothes unpacked, but that is it. LOL Furniture is coming next Friday.

It is a really comfortable place and I know we will be happy here.

Although I have severely overdone it and am now sick. Am doing nothing today. Have "Sex & The City" on the TV, the lappy one a footstool, some panadol and lots of water.

I'll leave you with some pics of the new house...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moving tomorrow

I am so excited about this move. Things are really looking up for me and Ross. We are doing okay financially. We will have our own place tomorrow. We are both getting healthy. My Achilles is healing nicely. We both have definite plans for moving forward, both personally and professionally. It is a good and posititve time.

I will be back online once I am moved and settled. Catch ya on the other side.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It seems like all I do is pack and unpack and repack and unpack....

We are moving in 3 days. Our furniture follows a week later. I really really hope we get to stay here for more than a year. I am definitely starting to see the benefits in trying to buy a property.

We are being absolutely ruthless. So much is getting thrown out. More will go when we get everything from the storage shed. We just finished packing out clothes. No 2 people need this many clothes... It is absolutely ridiculous how much we have. Goodwill will be getting a rather large donation when we unpack, that much I can guarantee.

A few items of furniture will be going on ebay. Some kitchen items too. Next time we move there will NOT be as much stuff I can guarantee it.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry for the Absence

I have been looking for a new place to live, going through the ever-so-tedious rental application procedure. Now have a place and am in the process of organising and packing. Will probably remanin mostly absent for a couple of weeks but once we have moved plan on being back here full force.

I miss you all