Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review - The Calling: A supernatural thriller, by Robert Swartwood

The day after 18 year old Chris's high school graduation, he awakens to discover his parents have been brutally murdered, and the killer is now after him. Shipped off to Bridport to stay with relatives he has not seen in 10 years while local authorities hunt down the killer, he slowly gets to know the Grandmother and Uncle he has been estranged from all these years. There he meets 10 year old Joey, a young man with very special gifts.

But the relocation has not fooled the killer and soon dreadful things begin to occur in Bridport. Chris starts investigating the history of the town, and discovers a series of awful truths that has brought an evil power to Bridport, one that has the power to destroy the lives of everyone it comes into contact with.

Soon it becomes clear that Chris shares more with Joey than he ever thought possible, and that the killer is beyond the skill of the local authorities to capture. Joey and Chris must face it - alone.

Despite the fact that this is a "young adult" novel, I really enjoyed it. The supernatural plot starts subtly, but grows as you learn more about Chris's family and their history.

I enjoyed the growth of Chris's character. Even though the book runs over the course of only a couple of weeks, he grows up a little bit more with every "encounter" and you can see him change from a reticent teenager to a strong young man.

The Calling was well written, with strong characters and good sub plots. The merging of the slowly revealed history of Bridport and Chris's family with the current happenings of the town give you a real insight into the characters, and how they have all ended up in Bridport at this exact time when evil asserts itself.

If you can move past the fact that the major players are teenagers, I strongly recommend giving this one a go.

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