Saturday, April 30, 2011

This & That

Today is Day 4 of FlyLady. Last night I did NOT shone my sink when I got home at 11pm. But I have done it now and will do it again tonight. Todays task is to start writing all this down, which I am already doing, so Yay! LOL

Last night we went out to dinner for a friends birthday. It was a lot of fun. We did not really know anyone but that was not a problem. The people we were sitting with were a lot of fun and I laughed all night.

Today has been another day of cleaning and unpacking. I have now nearly finished my sewing room. I hope to get it finished today then I will go to the storage shed tomorrow and get a load to start working through. It is nice to be getting sorted so quickly, but the storage shed will take some time as there is an awful lot of crap in there...

Nothing else really going on, but things are good. :)


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creativedawn said...

...and you sound happy and content! Good to be independent, eh? very big smile... Have a good day!