Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It seems like all I do is pack and unpack and repack and unpack....

We are moving in 3 days. Our furniture follows a week later. I really really hope we get to stay here for more than a year. I am definitely starting to see the benefits in trying to buy a property.

We are being absolutely ruthless. So much is getting thrown out. More will go when we get everything from the storage shed. We just finished packing out clothes. No 2 people need this many clothes... It is absolutely ridiculous how much we have. Goodwill will be getting a rather large donation when we unpack, that much I can guarantee.

A few items of furniture will be going on ebay. Some kitchen items too. Next time we move there will NOT be as much stuff I can guarantee it.


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Ness said...

All the best for your move. It is a great way to declutter. :-) I used to move all the time, when I was young and silly. :-) Now the thought fills me with terror. But love helping others do it. :-) Wish I could be there. <3