Monday, October 31, 2011

2 Year Veggie-Versary!

It is easy to remember my Veggie-Versary - Halloween!


So 2 years ago today I decided to try and go for a few days without eating any meat. Two years later and I am still going. I do miss chicken sometimes, but usually only when I want chicken and chips, or a chicken burrito with lots of gooey cheese or something like that. :)  I am actually a bit stunned that I have gone this long. I really enjoy vegetarian food, and have found ways to get through most situations without being obvious about it. Some restaurants make things difficult, but most now offer many alternatives.

Next year we are going overseas for a few weeks, so I understand I may not have a lot of options but to eat a bit of fish or something over there as SE Asian countries (particularly rural Cambodia where we are spending a week hopefully) are not familiar with vegetarianism. I am actually okay with that. But I still aim to get through the next year (Australian time being counted only) as a vegetarian. As always, I will re-assess again, but for now I am happy to stay with it.


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Sarah said...

Veggieversary:) Love it!!

I also find it easy to be a vegetarian. Especially food like that beautiful pic you posted. Did you make that? Want it.