Thursday, November 3, 2011

And now to completely contradict myself...

On Monday I talked about being 2 years meat-free and how I was happy with that choice.  And I am. But lately I have wanted to eat seafood. Just occasionally. So I have been thinking about becoming Pescatarian - which is a meat-free diet excluding fish and seafood.

There are a few reasons:
 - I do not believe fish ever made me ill
 - I feel that there are a lot of nutrients in fish that are difficult to get from a plant based diet
 - To be honest, it would make eating out a whole lot easier
 - I really feel a strong craving for fish

I always said when that if I ever got strong cravings for meat then I would look at eating some. Since I have not done this for "ethical" reasons there is no real need for me to avoid fish if it does not make me ill.

I am still thinking about this, but I am definitely considering the re-introduction of fish and seafood. I will keep you posted.


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