Sunday, November 13, 2011

I ate some fish and I liked it....

First things first though. I bought a new car...

I love it! It drives like a dream and is so easy to maneuver. It is awesome. :)

Friday night Ross and I stayed in a fancy hotel in the city. It was awesome. We got the Deluxe Spa Suite. The weird thing though...

Yep, the spa was in the main room... LOL A bit weird but it was fun. It was only the 2 of us after all. :)

For dinner we decided to take the plunge and order a fish dish. We couldn't decide between the Atlantic Salmon and the barramundi..

So we ordered both and shared. :) And Oh. My. God! They were absolutely divine! We have been missing out! LOL Seriously, some of the best fish ever. So soft and succulent. And the good news is, neither one of us felt sick afterwards.

Of course, we had dessert as well.

Pecan pie for me and lemon cheesecake for Ross. This we didn't share because I don't like cheesecake. :)

I have spent today taking photos to turn into Xmas cards. I got a couple that turned out well. It was a really fun morning taking all the shots. I have just finished editing and will head down to drop them at the camera shop to get printed shortly. Will have them on the FB page by the end of the week for anyone interested.

Nothing more to report. Happy Sunday everyone!



Dbfivegirl said...

Yah the new car! Looks good. How are you? Long time no talk:(...I've been slack!

Ness said...

You had fish!?!?! How long has it been since you were in the world of the carnivore??
Love the new car!

Sarah said...

Love the new car!!

Last week I tried pecan pie for the first time. Now I'm a big fan. The fish does look very good. Glad you enjoyed it. That is what food is for:)

Once we stayed in a hotel with the spa right next to the bed. It was...interesting!