Friday, November 18, 2011

Movies and Challenges

Last night Ross, Sarah and I went to see....

O... M... G.....

I am a fidgeter during movies. Drives Ross absolutely nuts. But I did not move a muscle during this movie. My butt was so numb at the end from staying perfectly still, and of course being so tense. If you like scary moves, check it out. If you get scared easily, don't do it... LOL

I am setting myself a photography challenge. A lot of people do the 365 Day Project, which is where you take a photo every day for a year. I have tried this several times and realised that my life just does not allow for this. At least once a week I will have a day where I leave home at 7 and don't get home till 11 that night, and barely have a chance to breathe during that time. So this does not work.

But I do want to challenge and extend myself. So here is what I am going to do. 5 days a week (at a minimum), for the next 52 weeks, I will find 15-20 minutes a day to get out there with my camera. Any type of shot (not snapshots though as this is about improving my skills). Week 1 starts tomorrow. I may not post the pics each day, but I will try and get them up at least once a week. Hopefully as the weeks go by I will start to see an improvement in what I am putting out there.

I am also looking to join a local camera club. I am in a photography meetup group where we get out with our cameras every month or so, but that is quite a casual group, with no real teaching involved. This is an organised camera club that have competitions, guest speakers, workshops etc. A place where I can hopefully really grow my skills. I went to one this week and am checking out another one next week so I can decide where I want to end up.

Am off to a friends for a "de-stress" night tonight (read - alcohol fuelled entertainment). Am really needing it right now.



Sarah said...

I used to watch scary movies but I'm not sure I could sit in a cinema and watch that.

Show me those photos!!

Megan said...

And what great alcohol fuelled entertainment it was too!