Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Update

I bought a new bike!!!!

I got her on ebay and I pick her up on Saturday. Picture her redone in pink and white, with a white seat and white handlebar grips with streamers, and a wicker basket on the front. She is a Malvern Star 6 speed from the late 60's/early 70's. I can't wait to meet her!!!!! LOL

I have realised with going back to Uni that I need to reassess my goals for 2011. A couple of the more time consuming goals need to come out.  So here is the updated list with a progress report

1) Lose 30 kilos
Lost 1.2kgs
2) Ride 5000km
Ridden 203kms 
3) Complete 3 Uni subjects
4) Finish my Couch Quilts
Half the block are finished
5) Hike first 60kms of Heyson
6) Finish 2 more childrens stories and send them to publishers
7) Get my finances completely in order
Making progress
8) Find a nice home for Ross & I to live in
9) Expand and nurture the veggie patch so we can eat lots of fresh veggies
Anyone want pumpkins????
10) Try one new physical activity/sport every month
Didn't try anything new this month due to the old Achilles, but will definitely try 12 things this year so will catch up.
11) Make meditation part of my weekly routine so I get to the point where I am meditating 3-4 times a week.

I am going for a walk tonight - hoping to get to 45 minutes without pain. The swelling is going down finally and I have very little day to day pain. Fingers crossed we are nearly at the end of this...


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