Sunday, February 6, 2011

My weekend

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend.

Yesterday was the best day ever. :) I had a few things to do in the city in the morning. Every single sales person I spoke with was friendly and helpful. It was fantastic. :) I got everything I needed, and a few things I didn't. :)

I went early to pick up Ross from work so I could get fitted for a new pack. I had no idea that you had to get fitted for these, but apparently you do. It actually makes a massive difference to how comfy they are. I ended up with a 75 Litre one. Now I have to make sure my Achilles is ready for our Heyson trek in September.

From there we headed down to Goolwa to get my brand new (old) bike. :) It is even more gorgeous than it looked on ebay. It rides beautifully, is really comfy, and just has so much character. I really can't wait to do her up properly.

From there we went for a drive around the area. I took Ross to a childhood holiday spot and showed him where we used to play. It was really nice. We ended up at Victor Harbor. We wandered up and down the main street and through shops. It was great. Spent some time in the tattoo parlour where we both found the perfect designs. Ross wants to get his first tattoo, and I have been looking for the perfect dragonfly for my 2nd one. We'll probably head down there in a few weeks to get them.

We went into a chocolate shop while we were there and I was so excited to find....

I haven't seen this in so long - and it still tastes great. I also saw (and bought)

The only reason these jumped out at me is that Jillian Michaels used to talk about these on her radio show all the time and I decided they needed to be tasted. Meh... Not overly impressed. Wouldn't spend the money on them again. But I am glad I tried them.

We ended up wandering over to Granite Island and saw dolphins and babies swimming in the cove. It was awesome. :)

After the best pizza in the history of the world for dinner we stopped at some good friends house for drinks on the way home. We were planning on stopping for an hour or so, but ended up staying for 5! LOL I shouldn't have been surprised, that is usually what happens when we stop at their place.

This morning I have been stuffing softies. I am really pleased with how they are turning out. Still quite a few to go, but I am working through them.


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creativedawn said...

You did have a wonderful weekend and you sounded as though you were ready for all the fun you had!!! Hooray for you!!! Isn't it wonderful to spend time with good friends - time flies when you're having fun, eh. The stuffies are gorgeous!