Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Facts About Kylie

In an effort to alleviate boredom and to try to keep my mind off of tomorrows Shave, I decided to share a list of rand tidbits about me.


-          I have a dolphin tattoo on my shoulder
-          I am afraid of all spiders, even the little teeny ones.
-          I hate buttons. Hate them. Won’t touch them if possible
-          I love ice cream. I could eat it all day every day and never get sick of it.
-          I have been to Uni twice and TAFE 4 times and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
-          My little toenails are shaped like claws and if I let them grow can not cut them unless I use pruning shears
-          I love office supplies and stationery
-          Pink is my favourite colour
-          My house is in a constant state of disarray. I can never seem to get on top of it.
-          I have been a vegetarian for 17 months
-          I have always wanted to sky dive but think bungy jumping is nuts
-          I have a ghost cat that lives with me. She has been with me for the last 4 places I have lived in.
-          I was hit by a car when I was 5
-          I have a brother and a sister
-          My husband and I collect Beanie Kids. Between us we probably have over 40 of them
-          My dad died when I was 8
-          I only learnt to cook a couple of years ago
-          I love to bake cookies (unfortunately I also love to eat them)
-          I love hippie clothes but am too embarrassed to wear them because of my size
-          I have 3 cats and one of them hates me
-          I love cheese
-          I wear glasses at work
-          I hate wearing shoes
-          My favourite flowers are calla lilies and tulips
-          I hate driving. I can do it and do do it, but I would rather walk, ride or catch public transport where possible
-          When I was little I wanted to be a Radio DJ. As a teen I was on our school radio program but I do not have a good radio voice
-          I really want to see a UFO

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creativedawn said...

Rofl! I like this...a ghost cat, eh. That is very interesting.

I love Beanie babies/kids...