Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on Society

I have been on the invalid list for a few weeks now, and in that time I have developed some very strong opinions about society. Well, stronger than I previously had... :)

People under 30 are rude.

Now if you are under 30 and not rude, I apologise. Please don't take offense. This is based on my observations on my side of town.  Here is where my observations come from.

In the 3 weeks I have had crutches or the boot/stick combo I have caught busy public transport no fewer than 10 times. 50% of those trips I had to stand. Not one person offered me a seat. Groups of young (mostly under 25) men and women are more than happy to stare at me, give me odd looks, and talk about me (yes blondie, I heard you talking about the fat, bald chick with the cane) but not one of them thought to offer the invalid with the boot and walking stick a seat.

A few times I did get offered a seat.

One of those times I politely declined the seat being offered as the lady was over 70. Sweet thing thought I should be sitting. I declined saying she should stay there. The other 15 people around us watched the exchange (again, mostly under 30) and not one of them offered me their seat.

The other 4 or 5 times I got offered a seat. Each time I felt guilty as the person doing the offering was over 40 (often over 50), however I gratefully took the seat (it was at night and I was tired).

A few times the tram has not been especially busy and I have been offered a seat near the aisle or door - all by people over 25.


I keep dropping this blasted walking stick when trying to do a gazillion other things. In the supermarket, restaurants, post office, standing in line, on the tram.  Each time that it has been picked up by someone else, that person has been over 40.

Lots of people stare at the thunk it makes as it hits the ground, but can any of them pick it up? No. I have even had people (again, all young) step over it and give me filthy looks for getting in their way!

Now I have always been a seat giver and a picker-upper (both scientific terms) ;) And I don't expect everyone to be the same. I also don't expect a seat on public transport, I am capable of standing for 30 minutes, although it is uncomfortable.

What has astounded me is the consistency of the ages that have offered me assistance, and who have ignored me. I have not once had a parent ask their child to stand so I could sit (we were ALWAYS made to stand for elders, even if they were not on a stick). And not one person under the age of 30 has ever offered anything in the way of assistance.

I know not all people under 30 are like this. I have many close friends in this age bracket who I know would happily stand or offer assistance. I just find these results interesting and wanted to share.



Jess @ THIR said...

I think this is why most people think that I am in my mid-thirties rather than mod-twenties.

Linda50 said...

I blame the parents of that generation for not passing on the manners and niceties of life.

I hopped on a train once (up here) with a friend (female) who was a little older than me. We initially had to stand but a man stood up for us (over 30) and he was HANDICAPPED! We felt awful but didn't want to offend his act of chivalry and took the seat :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit I would help people but afraid to be scream out.A lady in her mid 30's(I think)droped a crutch I went to pick it up and she went off her tree shouting I sick of people trying to help. It a fair few years ago I was only about 20ish I never help any one pick up anything up since. Also I offer a seat to someone and they said no your so fat I cant expect you to stand I was only about 20 kilos overweight then. So while I have the urge to help I resist. I have got Jazmyn to stand a couple of times and the person just looks me and down and says no I rather stand.