Monday, May 23, 2011

More Musings

Yesterday afternoon was my Psychic Circle, which was a group of people who got together to learn and practice different techniques for unlocking their psychic abilities. It was a really fun afternoon in a group with 8 amazing people. Ross came with me and we both really enjoyed it.

From there we went to a bookshop where Ross bought me 2 amazing books.

This one has so many beautiful images and descriptions of Fae from all over the world. It is just beautiful.

This one is a Doreen Virtue book (who I just discovered is married to Steven Farmer, and I have several of his books too). Not sure why I bought it, it was just sitting there asking to be bought. LOL

I am still Fly-Lady-ing (is that a word???? LOL) Day 18 was yesterday and it was to read the Fly-Lady 11 Commandments, which I have copied for you here:

FlyLady's Eleven Commandments
1 Keep your sink clean and shiny.
2 Get dressed every morning, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget your lace-up shoes.
3 Do your morning and before bedtime routine everyday.
4 Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the computer.
5 Pick up after yourself. If you get it out, put it away.
6 Don’t try to do two projects at once. ONE JOB AT A TIME.
7 Don’t pull out more than you can put back in one hour.
8 Do something for yourself everyday, maybe every morning and night.
9 Work as fast as you can to get the job done. This will give you more time to play later.
10 Smile even when you don’t feel like it. It is contagious. Make your mind up to be happy and you will be.
11 Don’t forget to laugh everyday. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

11 Nice little things to live by, I think. :) Day 19, today, is to read a testimonial, which I have duly done. Of course, I am still working through all of my daily tasks, and my home is pretty much always only 10 minutes from being presentable for guests. :)


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