Sunday, May 22, 2011

My weekend

I have been working on the dishcloths I wrote about the other day. I have now made 5 of them (although I only have 4, my Mum snaggled one of them). I have been using the first one and have washed it. I love it. :) This is the first one I made.

My only concern is that I have used acrylic wool which is all I have, and I am not sure how that will hold up over time. The original patter suggested using pure cotton wool. I will see how these go. If they do not last I will get a better quality wool to make more from. But for now, these are great. :) Here are the other 3 I have made.

Yesterday I went to a little craft fair with my Mum. We thought it was going to be quilts on display, but it was a craft sale. Lots of table of little crafts for sale. I bought a couple of little things like this magnet.

I also got a decision dice. The idea is when you have a hard decision to make you roll the dice and it will give the answer.

I will willing go along with any decision this dice rolls. LOL

This afternoon I am off to a Psychic Development class. Not really sure what it will involve, but I am looking forward to it.


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sassy said...

What a great idea for a dishcloth! I use the ones that you can just wash in the machine but yours are way funkier:)