Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Favourite TV Show

I have a new favourite TV show. It is called "Hoarders" and is on Tuesday nights on gem.

I love it.

I spend most of the show sitting there with my mouth hanging open, completely aghast at what I am seeing.

Last nights episode had a lady who had lost custody of her children because the authorities believed her house was unsafe and unsanitary. Gotta say, I agree with them! Her house was disgusting. To get into rooms you had to climb over crap. There were mice and rats everywhere. And the associated droppings that come with a house full of rats. It was feral. And the smell must have been something out of this world...

They go in for 3 days and clear out. But the owner has to give approval for things to be thrown away. She would not let them throw away anything. At the end they had cleared her house completely, but they had put everything into boxes and into storage.

She had...

Wait for it...

1400 boxes of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!  This does NOT include what was left in her house

Made me feel not so bad about the 25 or so I still have sitting in the storage shed... LOL

This show inspires me to be clean. I did not FlyLady yesterday at all.  But after this show I went and gave the kitchen a quick once over (didn't do the dishes though, will do them tonight).

I made Ross watch it with me this week as well. Left him a big gobsmacked too. I believe it has inspired him to throw away more stuff as well. I am pleased... LOL


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Sharon-NZ said...

LOL need to get my hubby to watch hoarders thats for sure, I throw his stuff out when hes away fishing, he never notices LOL