Friday, May 20, 2011

Sorry for the Absence

Life has been busy.

I had my first inspection on the house earlier this week so had to spend the weekend getting things ready for that. We had only been there a month so it is not like it was dirty, but we were only half unpacked (slack I know) plus we moved into a pretty grubby house - on the outside anyway - and I wanted to get that sorted.  Thankfully it is all done now so we now have a sparkling house. :)

Last night I sat down with my knitting needles and made a knitted washable dishcloth. I have been looking for reusable dishcloths I could make rather than buy that would do the job of a chux or scourer. I have a real issue with just how much waste each household creates and have been working on ways to reduce my own waste. There are a few things going on and as I get to try them I will report here. This is my first step to a reduced waste household.

A few days ago I read about knitted ones so decided to give it a try. I finished one last night. It took around 2 hours I guess (maybe a bit less I was up and down doing washing all night). It looks great (will upload a pic on the weekend). But of course, I had to put it to the test. I had left some dishes for this purpose. Firstly I cleaned the benches with it. OMG - so EASY! The on to the dishes.

Well, I am just going to say that I am a convert. As long as it washes up okay (and I am sure it will) then I have found my new dishcloths. I am already halfway through the next one. I figure if I have about 7 or 8 on hand, I can use them for a few days and just put them through the wash with the towels or tea towels. It is not like they take a up a lot of space.

I am also going to do 2 slightly bigger ones in a distinctively different colour that I can use in the bathroom and toilet only.

No more paper towel or disposable cloths for me.

I am still doing the FlyLady although I have not progressed past Day 10. I am shining my sink every night, I have Ross trained to make the bed every morning (I presented it to him that if the bed is made in the morning it will be warmer to get into at night and it worked), I am keeping my "hotspots" under control, and I am doing a 15 minute blitz in one area most days.

Days 11 & 12 are about your "control journal" and de-cluttering your emails. My inbox is always de-cluttered - I hate emails not filed away somewhere. LOL And while I am keeping list of morning and afternoon routines as well as some other stuff, I am not going to put "inspirational quotes" into it. I love quotes, and have them and use them, but I see no need to add it into a folder that is helping me keep my house organised. That is just me though. :)

So if I move to Day 13 it says to pick one of the weeks "Missions" and do it. This week they are focusing on the bathroom and spare rooms. Interestingly I spent about an hour in my craft room (one of the spare rooms) last night getting things sorted. I now have a clear desk in there. I am very happy with that.

Day 14 says to read an essay on the website. Done that.

Day 15 wants us to start making the bed everyday as part of our routine.Well I am already doing that (via Ross who gets up after I leave for work).  Day 16 is to read an email from FlyLady. I do that daily.

So as of now I am on to Day 17. Day 17 says to set a specific bed time and stick to it. This is actually a good idea. My bedtime varies a bit but generally it is around 10.30. I am happy to stick with that. So since I have just skipped through a whole week I will stop there. I am doing well with what I am doing so far. My house is remaining tidy (and it only used to take about 36 hours to look like a bomb had gone off). Ross is enjoying the cleanliness and is therefore helping out. I am enjoying it.

Lots of other stuff happening - have done a Louise Hay "Heal your Life" workshop, went and saw a medium, am about to do my Reiki 2, got accepted into college, had a facial (my first ever), and a few more things. I promise I will keep things more up to date here in future. LMK if you want me to expand on anything.

Till next time!


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