Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caffeine Update

Thought I would give a caffeine update. It has now been nearly 3 weeks since I quite the caffeine. I have struggled with it more this time than last time. I really really miss the Diet Coke. Not the taste of it. I think it is the chemicals in it, rather than the caffeine. The cravings are starting to lessen thankfully, but they are still there.

The headaches lasted only a few days but I did use a lot of Reiki to get them under control. Because they were caused by a toxin withdrawal and not a physical problem, the Reiki was effective.

Thankfully the anxiety is nowhere near as bad this time as last time. That was my biggest concern, but I am in a better place in my life this year so I am hoping that will help to keep it at bay.

Hopefully this time I will stay off it permanently. I am sleeping better, my poops are better, and I seem to be craving less sugar (that would be coming offthte artificial sweeteners more than the caffeine).


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