Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harvest Box

Look what arrived today! My very first Harvest Box. :)

They are having a special at the moment where if you sign up and enter a specific code, you can get your first Box for free and your second box for half price. So I decided to give it a go. Basically you get this little tray of treats delivered to your door, as many times a week as you want. I am getting it twice a week. Friday's delivery will come home with me for my weekend study snack, and Tuesday's delivery will stay at work for snacks.

Each box comes with four different mixes. When you sign up you can look through what is available, and anything that contains something you don't like you can just select "no thanks" and you will not get those. They do a mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruits.

Want to give it a go?  Click here to sign up and enter the following code - 19456KBL4GU - to get your first box for free. If you hate it, cancel it, and it will cost you nothing. 


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Kylie I have orderd mine and expecting mine next Monday, yummy ca not wait