Monday, June 13, 2011

Study Day

That is our oldest kitty, Shiva, snuggling up to Ross.

Well, today was my first full study day. I will probably not have too many full days of study, but because I am away next weekend, and already have commitments most evenings this week, I figured I should get a whole day in.

My two subjects this study block are 'Naturopathic Framework' and 'OH&S'. I was hoping to get stuck into 'Naturopathic Framework' but my text books have not arrived yet. I have everything I need for OH&S from the online portal so OH&S it was.

I got started after breakfast. About 45 minutes later I heard a light knock on the door and in comes Ross carrying...

My favourite tea brewing and some honey to sweeten it with. How amazing is that! I was so blown away.

After a while it was time for my first study break. I went outside to see what Ross was up to and discovered he had set up my trainer.

So I grabbed my shoes and jumped on. My first ride since February. It felt absolutely amazing. I only did 10 minutes because I did not want to overdo it and risk further injury. My Achilles feels absolutely fine now, although a little fatigued, so I am glad I stopped at 10 minutes. It was so amazing to be back on the bike. I figure I will get on a few times a week and slowly increase my time. Once I am up to 30 minutes I will go out on the road for a real ride. As much as I am dying to do that I am going to be patient, and take my time. I am going to heal properly.

The rest of the day has been studying with breaks interspersed throughout. The OH&S subject has 3 topics to read through with quite a few weblinks to read and study activities etc. Then there are 2 assignments and an exam. I have done everything except for the assignments and exam. I can not believe how much I got through. I am tired but feeling a lot more confident about getting through all the work I need to get through.

Back to work tomorrow and a Camp Quality planning meeting tomorrow night, so a long day ahead.


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