Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Interesting Developments....

I am now nearly to 100 hours since my last hit of caffeine. On Monday morning the headaches were so bad I thought I would die. I caught the bus to work and spent the entire trip focusing my Reiki energy onto my head and the parts of me that needed help. By 9.15 the headache was gone.

Yesterday I was a bit headachey, and due to an excessively bad day at work really really wanted some Coke. But I didn't.

Today I have no headaches, but am tired and really really thirsty. The anxiety has started as well. The good news is that this time I was ready for it so am not freaked out by it. I can mange it and in time it will go away.

So for the last week or so I have been paying attention to what I have been eating. To the taste, the scent, the texture, and most importantly how my body feels during and after eating. I have discovered some interesting things. Some foods I thought I loved, I don't actually like the taste of. It is the texture that I enjoy. Some foods I thought sat well inside my stomach, do not. Some foods I thought I reacted to, I don't when eaten alone.

This is a really interesting time for me. Especially discovering that I do not actually like the taste of hot chips. It is the texture. So I need to focus on finding something with a similar texture (and none of the fat). I also do not like how I feel after eating them (especially the gas - I owe my Chiropractor an apology for last nights smells...) LOL

On other news I may not have mentioned, on the weekend I became attuned to Reiki level 2. I am now a qualified Reiki practitioner. It takes 21 days for the energies to settle then I can start actually doing this properly. The interesting thing is that on Day 21 I will be in the middle of a weekend spiritual retreat. I am expecting this to be a very powerful day for me (it is also my sister birthday although I am not sure of that will have any impact).

The spiritual retreat is something I have always wanted to do. This one came up only a week ago and I jumped at the chance to participate.

Lastly, in a week and a half I will be starting back in the world of study. I have been accepted into the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. I am really looking forward to it. but also nervous abut studying again and the amount of time commitment it will be. But I really want this so I will make it work.



sassy said...

Sounds like you are powering through your no caffeine side effects. Being prepared is a good thing.
I'm happy with my caffeine habit but if I ever do give up again I'll know how to go about it.
Do you make your own chips or roasted potato? It could be the extra or just older oil from bought or frozen ones making you feel icky. It would be good to experiment and find a substitute that suits you.

Dreaming of the New Me said...

I don't know if I could give up caffeine what a hard thing. I admire you. I have never actually thought about taste, the scent, the texture, and how the body feels during and after eating. It is such a great idea. I think I will take more interest in my food over the coming week. Thank you

Dbfivegirl said...

Wow, naturopathy! That will keep you occupied for a few years chick:). well done! Will be interesting to hear what's involved in the course. Your a very organised woman though so you'll manage it all beautifully I've no doubt. xx