Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gear Up Girl ride 2011

Well, despite the fact I am not yet back on the bike I have just registered for the 2011 Gear Up Girl 15km River Ride in November. I figure I have 4.5 months to get myself ready for a 15km ride and that is easily doable. I need a goal, and since I missed this ride last year due to my Achilles I figured it would be the perfect way to come back from that same horrible injury.

So which if you South Australian readers are going to do the ride with me? There is a 15km ride, a 35km ride and a 50km ride, followed by a party in the park afterwards. Would love to catch up with some of you after the event. :)



SassyingSarah said...

I'm planning on doing the 35k ride but haven't registered yet. I've never been riding in the group before so not really sure what to expect.

Megan said...

I'm not much into cycling at this time of year, too cold for sissies like me. But I'll be back on board at that time of year I'm sure. Count me in :) (Oh, and perhaps remind me as it gets closer, I'll probably forget).