Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walking, Healthy Habits, Caffeine, and My Day

Today I went for the longest walk, and did the most walking, I have done in months. And I mean months. This morning I walked to the tram stop, approx 1.2kms. Then navigated my way through various shops and errands to get where i was going in town. Unsure of the actual distance but at a guess a little over 1 km. Then I walked hom from a different tram stop which was 1.5 kms. The 1.5 is my longest single walk, and the amount of walking I did in total is the most in a day. Since forever ago.

I feel great. My legs are tired though. They are not used to it. This morning the Achilles was tight and sore. But considering it was 0.7 degrees in Adelaide this morning, I am guessing the cold had a lot to do with that. Once it warmed up it felt good. Now I am sitting with my leg up and it is a bit tired and achey, but not sore. This is a good thing. I won't walk again tomorrow, but I will jump on the trainer. Should be a bit less pressure on it.

My week of healthy habits has gone better than last week, but not brilliant. I had breakfast on the go a couple of times. And had some chips. My water and exercise were good. I have one more day left of the week, and even though I did not nail it, I am going to add to it this week. Just need to decide what I will add.

I am still off the caffeine. I just wanted to report in on my little experiment I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. A few weeks back I had some Diet Coke at a party. 48 hours later I was hit with a wave of anxiety that lasted several hours. I was unsure if it was the caffeine, or the chemicals. To test it I decided to have a coffee one day and see how I felt 48 hours later. I have now done this. The result? It is the chemicals. I had absolutely no reaction to the caffeine in the coffee and no anxiety within the next week. So for me this means I can have the occasional coffee and be confident that I will feel fine. I can not have Diet Coke. I am okay with that.

Today I went to a Psychic Development class at the WEA. I have been looking forward to this for a while. Basically it was an introduction to various types of intuitive and psychic abilities by trying them out. I had a great time, and had more success than I expected. There were a few things I had no success at, but that is cool. I was very excited to get to practice some Psychometry, which I recently discovered I had a knack for. I was spot on each time I tried it today and was able to put the feelings into words better than I have in the past, so that was pretty exciting. I am hoping to catch up with one of the ladies again in order to give it another shot.

Tomorrow I have to write an assignment and clean my house, oh what fun... :)


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