Sunday, July 3, 2011

This & That

Not much has been going on this week. Work, study. The usual.

Yesterday I went to Day 2 of the "Heal Your Life" workshop. I attended Day 1 a couple of months ago. It was a really good workshop. Some of it was quite similar to things I worked on at the Retreat a few weeks ago, but in different ways which was really good. All the same people from the Day 1 course were there, which was great too. A really amazing group of people.

So my Healthy Habits for the week have been going pretty well. I am doing well with the water. I have done well with the chips apart from one day. Friday night we have drinks and nibblies at work to celebrate moving into our new office. There were chip there. I had a few. I am okay with that. A few is not an entire 200g bag in one sitting.

So for this week I need to add one more good habit and remove or replace one more bad habit.

Good Habits
 + 2L of water every day
 + 20-30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week

Bad Habits
 - Potato chips
 - Eating breakfast on the run

The exercise thing is really important. Since finding out my Achilles was torn back in February I have really done nothing. And boy, can I feel it. My overall energy levels are so low. My fitness is all but gone. I have done up an exercising plan that is really gentle on the Achilles (still having a few issues there). Plus I can do gentle walking, and using the bike hooked up tot he trainer. I will start slow, but it is definitely time to start.

As for breakfast on the run - this is killing me. I eat in the car, in the office as I am firing up the computer, or when I walk to get the mail in the morning. No more. From now on breakfast is eaten at home at the table. At this point I am not being specific about what I eat, just as long as it is not on the run. I started today.

This is yummy Paris Creek Honey & Vanilla Yogurt,

with toasted oats (I toasted them myself), a small banana, and seeds (sunflower, pine nuts and pepitas). It was absolutely delicious, and I am counting on it to get me through till lunch time as I have a day of study planned.



Dbfivegirl said...

That breakfast looks wonderful! Well done on the habits front. I too need to get my arse out there and get back into exercise. Other than a few rides and walks I've done nothing since surgery. I feel like my energy levels are normalising now and it's coming up to six weeks since surgery so I've really got no more excuses. Maybe we should harass each other via twitter to make (in my case) and stick to our exercise plans?

sassy said...

You know I want your breakfast!

Apparently I don't understand twitter. I have an account but don't know how to get friends. Is there a request I send or something? I should know how to do this!!!