Sunday, July 10, 2011

Healthy Habits

So, this week my healthy habits have not been going so well. Even my water consumption has been down. Not quite sure why though because normally I am good at that.

I have decided not to add anymore habits this week, I need another week to consolidate what I have already started.

So for another week I am:
Drinking 2L a day
Exercising 4 times a week
Not eating breakfast on the run
Not eating chips

I started this morning with a scrumptious breakfast of yogurt, toasted oats, nuts & seeds, mandarin and apple. It was fantastic.

This afternoon I am off to do my first 2 exams. I am completely underprepared. Not assisted by the fact that I spent yesterday afternoon at the hairdressers getting a funky new haircut (pics to come) instead of studying. I am pretty sure I know enough to get through, as long as I have studied the right material. Overall I am relatively confident though.


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sassy said...

Good luck Kylie. I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts:)