Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesterday I decided to take my Achilles out for a test drive. After about 7 hours of study I desperately needed some fresh air. I strapped up my foot, put my dusty old sneakers on, and took myself out for a 20 minute slow walk.

Can I just say, it felt AMAZING to be out there again! I am lucky that I live in a fairly flat area so don’t have to content with any hills just yet. My Achilles held up well. Towards the end my whole ankle started to ache, but not my Achilles specifically. I would say that was just because it really hasn’t been used in so long.

While it felt good, the real test was going to be how it felt this morning.

It felt fine, so I took myself out for another slow 20 minute walk. Wow it feels good to be out there doing some light exercise again. I will definitely be taking it easy while I get my strength back, but I am feeling really confident that I am now in the end stages of the recovery process.



Anonymous said...

Good job - just keep chipping away at it. Consistency is the key!

sassy said...

That is so great Kylie. I hope that by spring we can go hiking together:)