Monday, December 13, 2010

Catch Up

Daily Quote
If you are unhappy, there are only 2 choices: Change your experiences or change your expectations. ~Tony Robbins

I have a few days of gratitudes to catch up on today.  I didn't flick the computer on at all over the weekend, and to be honest I forgot to do it by phone. :)

The weekend was fairly quiet. Got a few stitcheries done, some housework etc. Nothing majorly thrilling. Ross had a small trip to the hospital but it was just a bad migraine so all is well. 

Only 2 weeks left of work before my Xmas break - 10 glorious days off with plans only on a few days. Bliss... :)

100 Days of Gratitude

Day 26
Saturday I was grateful for the wonderful medical staff at Flinders Medical Centre who as always were kind and attentive.

Day 27
Sunday I was grateful for Pyjama Days. :)

Day 28
Today I am grateful for my upcoming holidays. I can't wait for this break.


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