Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gym. Dinner. Tram.

Daily Quote Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth.
            -- Benjamin Disraeli

I found myself a gym. One that meets all of my criteria and is a reasonable price to boot! Those of you who have been loyal readers for some time will know that the last gym I was a member of closed down when the owner went bankrupt. This gym was a couple of kms from work on my way home. Well, a new gym is moving in!

Goodlife Health Centre are in the process of gutting the old gym and renovating it to make it state of the art. New RPM studio. More cardio rooms. Yoga and Zumba to be offered. And they are offering a wicked deal to foundation member. Normally they charge $17.50 a week for membership. Foundation members to the new gym get it for $12.95 a week. For the life of their membership!

One problem. The gym doesn't open till Feb 14, 2011. So, what they have done is set me up with a 2 month membership to their other gyms at the regular price.

The way it will work is:
As of next week I have full access to the other Goodlife gyms (and there is one walking distance to where I am currently living).
As of Feb 14 my membership switches over to the new gym at the new rate.
For the first 6 months I can only use the new gym.
After that I will have access to all gyms again while remaining on my reduced rate.
Methinks I got meself a deal!

Last night Ross & I went out to dinner. We do it once a month generally (and I intend to continue to do so even though I am counting calories again). Anyway we went to a new place, and it was without a doubt the worst pub meal I have ever had!

It was one of these pubs that are renovated to cater to the 'upmarket' clientele, when in reality it is still just a pub with pokies and a coat of paint. My type of pub! Lol!

First thing we notice, this place is NOT vegetarian friendly. We had exactly 2 choices - stir fry veggies (which let's face it I do at home a couple of times a week) or vegetarian pizza with pumpkin. Those of you who know me know that I hate it when restaurants think all vegetarians love pumpkin and put it on every veggo option on the menu.

So we started with 'Pumpkin Loaf', which we assumed would be a pumpkin flavoured bread loaf (which strangely enough I love). Nope, it was white bread smeared with warm pumpkin... Blech...

Over to the salad bar. I didn't get much, a bit of watermelon - delish, some rockmelon - slightly raw, and pasta salad - undercooked...

Hmmm... Looking forward to this pizza now. Well, the dough was half raw, there was hardly any tomato base, the artichoke was just thrown on there in big chunks, the fetta and olives were burnt. That was it. Ross had the pumpkin on his and said it was mushy. Neither of us could even get half way through it. Yes, I am a fussy eater, but Ross is a human garbage disposal unit who can literally eat anything, and even he couldn't eat it.

Both of us felt quite sick in the stomach last night too, so there was definitely something off. A very disappointing evening out.

Now I don't know if I should say where this was, but let's just say if you are in SA and planning on eating out in a Hotel in the Warradale area - beware... ;o)

This morning started as usual. And I realised that was a bad thing. I am catching public transport to work at the moment while Mr A (my Achilles) does its thing and heals. The tram stop is behind McDonalds. A BIG problem. Now I hear you asking - what does a vegetarian want with McDonalds? The answer to that is - Hash Browns.

Every morning I tell myself I won't go in there, and every morning I find myself at the counter. So I need to solve this problem.

I live about 600 metres from the tram stop. A nice easy walk that Mr A can cope with even at his worst. What I forget is that about 800 metres in the other direction is another stop! This morning I got about 50 metres down the road before realising I was heading straight into temptation. So I turned around and made my way to the other stop. No temptation and a nice easy tram ride to work.

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 16
Today I am grateful for freedom of speech. For living in a place where I can go onto my blog and talk about a bad dining experience without fear of being shot or imprisoned. It's something we don't often think about, but something not all people can take for granted like we do.


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sassy said...

I once had a vegetarian pizza at a pub that had frozen veggies on it :0!! It was weird.
At the moment I love to use They have an iphone app and even though I don't count calories, it keeps me from eating too little or too much and gives good rundowns on nutrients. It's like facebook and you can have friends on your page!!