Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fluid. Calories. Gym.

I am exhausted. Remember a few weeks ago I was having issues with Water Retention. Well, it's back. Yesterday I drank so much water to try and flush it out. And it started working. At about 11pm... Every 90 minutes in the night I was up and peeing. The good news is that my feet are close to being a normal size again... The bad news, I got next to no sleep and am exhausted.

A couple of weeks ago Ross and I went camping (as you may know). While I was there I had a lot of time to think - considering I couldn't go hiking. One of the things on my mind was my weight.

While I am mostly content with who I am, I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons I not only hurt my Achilles, but also why it is taking so long to heal, is my size. While I was away I decided to do something I always swore I wouldn't do - I decided to try one of those meal replacement diets for a few weeks to try to kick off my new weight loss efforts.

I got the Terry White Chemist ones (cheaper than Optifast) and gave it a go. Turns out I was right all along. Those things are just not enough food... The best I have done is 2 days, before succumbing to mind numbing hunger and bingeing like there was no tomorrow.

So, I am back on Calorie King. Not sure if I'm going to jump back into the forums, although I have said hello on the 50+ one already. My concern is that I will get obsessed again, and I can’t do that to myself or to Ross, it just isn’t fair. I am going to try and be easy on myself. Eat back my exercise calories, and mainly focus on good food and exercise (when I can).  I would like to lose about 18kgs before the Shave – this is a vanity thing, I want a slimmer face. LOL But to be honest, anything will be better than now.

I am looking for a gym. One that has Zumba and Yoga. The only reason is that I want to do both in the new year, and a gym membership that offers both will be cheaper than a casual rate to 2 separate places each week. I have found one that offers both at good times right near where I live, but I will probably be moving within the next 4 or 5 months so that may not be overly ideal. There is a couple in the city, but none of them have both options at times that suit me, so that may not be so good.  There are a couple near work, but will I travel this far on weekends to do a class? I don’t know.

I need to keep researching and hopefully I will find the perfect gym with all the things I need at a price I can afford in a perfect location. At least, I can keep dreaming…

100 Days of Gratitude – Day 15
Today I am grateful for the fact that I have so many choices in my life. I am truly blessed.



Jess @ THIR said...

Good luck with finding a gym... at the moment I am in the middle of about 4, and it's confusing the hell outta me...
One near work, my trainer's gym, and two near me with different pools where the tri club trains.

Erk. There's gotta be a better way!!

sugarelephant said...
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Trace said...

great motivation Kylie, make sure you do a plan on when u can get to the gym too (with there scheduled classes in mind).. it helps make the decision a little easier. good luck ox Trace

Ness said...

Good on you, Kylie. You have been living vegetarian for a while, I would imagine that it would just need a tweak to get those scales moving. And I could mention the cookies that you taunt us with, but I wont! :-P
It's hard not to become obsessed.
Step one, remove temptation from the house!!! Ok, step 2, cos step one is obviously drink more water!!
I'll shut up now. <3

DBFiveGirl said...

I agree with Ness - it's very hard not to become obsessed as, at least for me, that seems to be what it takes. Hence why I've fucked up so much since Tony and I got together.

I'd love to try Zumba but I have all the co-ordination of a drunk duck! Have been thinking about getting a dvd....but I know if I did I'd probably end up just sitting on the couch watching it!