Saturday, April 24, 2010

35 Minutes

This weekend so far has been great.  Started last night with my night out which started with dinner and shopping with Em.  As always we had a great evening.  From there Ross & I headed off for the Rhino Room to see a Comedy Show.  What a sensational evening!  A couple of the comedians were only average, but most were great and the headline was awesome.  We had such a great night!  And I finally marked the first thing off of my Day Zero Project List!

This morning we got up and went to Emma's (a different Emma to the one we saw last night).  We have had some of our things at her place for a few months in storage.  Now that we have a storage shed it was time to get it all out so that she could have her shed back.  We had a quick catch up then did a couple of trips back and forth between her place and storage.

By the time all that was done we were starving, so off the Mama Carmelas for a vego pizza for lunch.  Now normally when we have a pizza we have 4 pieces each as well as a couple of pieces of garlic bread, and often there is room for ice cream.  Not today.  One piece of garlic bread, 3 pieces of pizza, and I was completely full!  Very unusual for me.  But I guess one of the side effects of being sick for over 2 weeks.

By the time we got home we were exhausted.  So we decided to have a sit on the couch.  After about 10 minutes I suddenly felt like going for a run.  I haven't been out for a week, so I got my ankle braces and my shoes on, and off I went.

I walked for 6 minutes, then started my shuffle-run.  Don't ask me where this came from, but I somehow managed 20 minutes!  I did approx 2kms without stopping.  I walked for 5 minutes then started running again.  I ran all the way home, which took another 15 minutes and was approx 1.5kms.  So in total I ran for 35 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am staying steady on 6kmph, which I know is what a lot of people walk at, but I really don't care.  I am running and I am running for over half an hour and that is all that matters.

It's hard to believe that only 4 months ago I was struggling to run for 45 seconds.  And just 3 months ago 1.5 minutes felt like the end of the world.  And I was stuck on 1.5 minutes for ages without improving.  It killed me.  Now I can do a 20 minute run!  What an achievement.

I also found the 2 PERFECT running songs for me.  'It's Raining Men' by The Weathergirls, and 'Hey, Baby' by DJ Oritz.  Both have the perfect beat for me and I felt amazing running to them.

Tonight the plan was to make a Pavlova, but it was 5.15 by the time I got back from my run and they take a couple of hours to cook, so I decided I'll do it Monday.  Dinner was Quesadillas.  I have never made them before, in fact, I have never had them before, and I didn't have a recipe....  But I saw a photo of them on Amanda's blog and thought they looked yummy.  So I made up a recipe and gave it a shot.

I call it Spinach & Mushroom Quesadillas with Lentils.  And it was absolutely DELICIOUS!  So quick and easy, and so yummy and filling.  We will definitely be having this again.

Off to bed soon for an early night with a good book.  Tomorrow we are off to see our nephew for his 7th birthday.  Geez, they grow up so fast.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend, and you all take a moment tomorrow to give some thought to our Diggers for ANZAC Day.



Jess @ THIR said...

Oh, my running songs atm are "I can Transform ya", "Imma Be", and "OMG" by Usher. They are PERFECT for me to run in step to, and I just feel good!!
I graduated week 1 of C25K with flair, so hopefully next week is awesome.
I've been making podcasts with my favourite music, so it's motivation!

Linda50 said...

Wow Kylie - 35 minutes - that's marvellous and that dish looks great too.