Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling Inspired

Does anyone watch The Biggest loser?

I don’t watch it religiously but I do like it. The last 2 nights they have run the Marathon. Now can I just say – WOW!

These people are incredible. ALL of them finished (well, nearly all, but I was not surprised about Romi dropping out). Caitlin, who is still over 130 kgs, did it in 8 hours.

EIGHT HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

That is freaking incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares if she walked most of it, she just moved for 8 hours and covered 42 freaking kilometers!!!!!!!!

Yes, there is an overuse of punctuation happening in this blog, but these people are so amazing.

I am inspired, yet again, to keep moving my fat arse.

They got ready for this in only about 6 months. Surely I can do it in 2 years.

Time to up the ante. If I can’t run, I can walk. Time to move that bootie!

First up, I desperately need new sneakers. Mine are about a size too big and hurt. Unfortunately this needs to wait until next month as the $$$$ have already run out for this month, but I have to make them a priority.

I am inspired.


NB:  Can anyone point me in the right direction for some core strengthening exercise I can do at home.  I have a fit ball.  Thanks :o)


katt said...

I know what you mean about the $$$$$$$$$$ for new sneakers but I had to do it. I have just brought New Balance at half price for $70 and I never knew shoes could just make such a difference now I am just waiting for my new sports bra.

MelBird said...

Yep me too - I watched it last night and nearly cried. It reminded me of how I felt in re-motivated me for Busso. Shoes are really important try not to scrimp on them. If you get the wrong shoes it can impact your feet, knees, shins, hips etc and make your running journey really difficult. xoxoxoxo

Ness said...

I just watched it tonight. It was amazing!!

As for core strengthening, I can hear my old pump teacher saying "planks,"!! :-)

Emz said...

Oh I was totally inspired by it! I couldn't believe it... 42km!!!! Did they show how Phil and ... crap... forgot his name, the young one haha, how they went in their marathon? I don't think I saw it.

let me know how you go with the core exercises i told ya about :)