Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long Weekend

I love long weekends.  That extra day makes so much difference.  I wish I could afford to cut back to 4 days at work and have a long weekend all the time.  How nice would that be.  :o)

Sunday morning we got up and jumped on the tram into the city.  We went to Hudsons for a morning coffee.  I haven't been there in ages, and I have to say, I prefer Gloria Jeans, but it was okay.  Then we were off to Mums on the bus.  Although the ANZAC Day Parade had messed around with the bus schedule.  We jumped on the first bus out of the city heading in the right direction.  When we got to a spot we were familiar with we jumped off and started walking.  After a while we called Mum and she came and got us from where we were.

First stop, to see my SIL for her birthday.  Then back to Mums for lunch.  Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi.  OMG it was FANTASTIC!  I'll make it myself soon and post the recipe for you.  Then over to my sisters to see my nephew for his birthday.  By the time we got back on the bus, then the tram and got home it was after 6 and we were starving.  Di had made Pumpkin soup which was a fantastic way to end the day!

Monday the plan was to go for a bike ride, but I woke up feeling very fatigued and very sore.  All over.  Everything ached.  And I was exhausted.  I have no idea why but the day ended up being a DVD day.  I was tired and achey the whole day and ended up in bed by 9pm. 

This morning I feel better, although still a little tired.  I guess my body just needed a break.

I now have 2 weeks till the MDC and I am getting nervous.  I know I will be fine.  I can do the distance and although I am slow I know I can run for at least half of it.  I just need to do my last few runs, relax, and enjoy it all. 

One last thing that I forgot to mention in Saturdays blog.  On Wednesday I blogged about the Evils of Diet Coke and how I had had way too much and as a result felt ill.  By Friday I was ready to have a little bit again.  I got a 600ml bottle.  Within 10 minutes of starting it I started to feel ick.  I was sweating, I was feeling bloated, my concentration was off, and I felt generally unwell.  I ended up throwing half of it away.  I don't know what has happened in me but I am so off of that stuff.  Finally!  After trying to kick it for so long.  I have been drinking tea for my caffeine hit, although I realised when I went to bed last night that I had not had any caffeine at all yesterday.  This morning I don't have any headaches, which hopefully means I am no longer addicted tot he evil stuff.  YAY! 


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Jess @ THIR said...

Don't stress about the run. You'll be awesome!! I am excited for you :)
I have my first real fun run on the 6th of June. Well, I did a 4km one in March, but I walked most of it with my friend, lol. So it doesn't count!