Thursday, April 8, 2010

This and That

Hello Blogging World. I have been very quiet of late. No particular reason, just really because I haven’t had a whole lot to say.

I haven’t been running for the last week and a half or so as I have had some tenderness in my Achilles so I thought I would rest it. I am hoping to get back into it this weekend.

My cycling however, is going great. The best thing about our move is that I now ride in a day just commuting to and from work, what I used to ride in 3 days. Approx 17kms each day, and that is if I go straight there and back, which of course I haven’t been. I am feeling it, but I am also loving it.

Food has been bad bad bad. No further comments required….

I got my Road ID in the mail yesterday. Thanks again to Jess and Ellen for putting me onto it. It is pink and I love it!

I also got my portable massage table this week, which means I can start doing proper Reiki. Of course, our car decided to pick this week to break down (again, it seems to be a theme when we move) so I can’t go anywhere with it. I have a whole heap of friends lined up to let me practice on them when I am mobile again so I am really looking forward to it.

The other good thing about our move is for some reason I have not been turning the lappy on every night and sitting playing games for a few hours. Instead I am reading, and knitting, and generally being productive which is awesome. And hopefully a habit I can stick with.

That is it from me. This weekend will be spent cleaning the flat so we can hand keys back, and getting the remaining bits and pieces to storage. We are also hoping to get to the Fullarton Psychic Fair for a few hours on Saturday, plus if we have any energy one of my favourite bands, Spiral Dance, is playing Saturday night so I would love to get along to that as well. But we will see how we go.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blogs lately, rest assured I am reading them, just mainly on my phone and I can not comment from there.



Anonymous said...

I was just about to blog a msg and see where you were! You've been very quiet :) Its good to see everything is ticking along well for you tho. Keep on pedalling!

Ness said...

It's all cool. I figured with you moving house, you'd have a lot to sort out, no time for blogging or Facebooking. :-) You sound nice and busy. Your poor car is probably putting up a protest!! lol. Take care.