Monday, April 12, 2010

Cycling, Cooking, Drawing and Running

I ended up having a really good day yesterday.  We got on the deadly treadlies and rode to the flat.  It has been quite a while since we have gone riding together, and it truly was fantastic.  We cleaned the flat - only a few things left to do - helped Mum set up her new internet - then headed home.

The ride home was into a killer head wind, but we rode most of it on the bike paths and enjoyed being together.  All up we did around 25kms in the day.  And when I got home I felt good.  I could have done more.  Over the next long weekend when we actually have some free time, we are going to have a big riding day.  It was so great to get back out there.

Already this month I have ridden more kms than I did in the entire month of March!  I am on fire baby!

I spent the afternoon drawing and playing with our Derwent Artist Coloured pencils.  I really haven't used them since we got them at Xmas.  I am slowly working on my first coloured drawing.  I'll share it when it is done.

Dinner was late and I made a super Quick & Easy Vegetarian Speghetti Bolognaise.  It was SOOOOO quick and easy and really did taste great.  Click here for the recipe.  It was a slap dash dinner that I expected to be average at best, but I guarantee I will be making it again.  My MIL even asked for the recipe, and was stunned that there was no meat in it!

Tonight I plan on going for my first run in 2 weeks.  I now have less than 4 weeks until the Mothers Day Classic and I am starting to freak.  My achilles seems to be better so I will just see how I go.  Any pain and I will stop.  Everyone send me positive running vibes though please.  :o)



Ness said...

Sending positive running vibes now. :-)

Linda50 said...

Some more positive vibes from me :)

Jess @ THIR said...

Don't freak. That's what made me almost spew in my first tri. Just remember. It'll be fine!!!

I am back to running now too, so I'll be hoping for some of your mojo tonight when I take Superdog out. And hope that SuperMAN doesn't keel over from a week with no exercise!!