Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks for the Positive Running Vibes

They definitely helped.  So it had been 2 weeks since my last run.  My previous best was 6 minutes backed up by 6 minutes.  My goal for yesterday was to match that. 

First run, 8 minutes.  Felt like my lungs were going to explode and my heart was nearly cracking ribs.  But still - 8 minutes.  I am already impressed with myself.

Turn around for the down hill (I say downhill but it is very very slight).  Start running.  Feeling good.  Look at my watch, wow - 5 minutes already!  Keep going.  And going.  Get to 9 minutes 30 second and decide to go to 10 minutes.  Look at my watch again and I am at 10 minutes 15 seconeds.  What the hell, I'll go for 11. 

Bloody hell will this minute ever finish????
YAY! 10 more seconds
Jesus are you kidding me, how slow do these seconds want to tick over
Holy shit, I can't breathe, I am going to die


LOL!  I am so over the moon stoked by that run.  19 minutes all up.  Talk about incredible.  I don't think I ever in a million years thought I would be able to run for 19 minutes within a 45 minute session.  Ok, so my running style is very reminiscent of Caitlin from The Biggest Loser - but who cares!  I did it and that is the main thing.

I can't explain what it was but I felt different during this run.  I am not sure hw to explain this but I will give it a go.  Usually when I run I feel like I am low to the ground.  Like my centre of gravity is quite low and I am almost dragging myself through.  This time I felt lighter and 'higher'.  That may not make sense but I don't know any other way to describe it.  I felt like I was taller, and it obviously helped.  I hope I can capture that again on Wednesday.

When I got back to the office to pick up my bike, the tummy pains from the weekend were back.  Buggar.  I am still feeling a bit ill this morning as well.  Hopefully it passes soon.

On a different note, I need help with morning food.  I am struggling riding to work in the mornings.  This is a ride I can do easily at any other time of the day, but not in the mornings and I think it is because I haven't eaten.  I have tried having a banana or yogurt before riding and it just sits in my stomach and makes me feel ill.  So I need some advice.  I need something that is only about 50-60 calories that will help me on my ride but won't 'sit' in my tummy half an hour later.  I am willing to try anything!

Hope you all have a great day



Linda50 said...

Kylie, I have to eat before exercise but I make sure I get up and eat at least an hour before. Just try half a banana and some nuts or juice perhaps and skip the yoghurt. Have it afterwards.

Linda50 said...

Sorry Kylie - I was so intent in answering your food question forgot to say Congratulations on a great run - you ARE a Legend

Megan said...

Kylie that is an absolutely amazing effort, well done. You'll blitz the Mothers Day Classic!

As for food, how about an apple? It's not as heavy in the stomach as banana. Right before exercise is the only time I can eat apples, because I get starving from them about half an hour after I eat them otherwise.

Jess @ THIR said...

Hey, I was reading Women’s Health the other day (or something like that), and they had some running tips that really helped me…
(They are awesomely simple, but gave me something else to think about rather than my sucky running…)
Like: your knees should be in line with your hips, which should be in line with your shoulders which should be in line with your head… in other words STAND UP STRAIGHT (this made my running a LOT easier, lol)
Loosen up your shoulders. Let your arms do whatever. Makes you a lot more comfortable.
Etc. etc, lol.

Who am I to give running tips anyway, you rock MUCH more than I do ;)

And I’d have a crack with some Powerade on your rides. Not the same as food, but can give you the same energy.
Drink half the bottle before you leave, and then take the other half on the ride.

That, or a teeny tiny tin of baked beans. Generally a protein beforehand is a good move.

Emz said...

Kylie, you are A-MAZING!!!! That is so, so good. Well done, you.

Do you have a Camelbak or Hydra Pack? You could do what Jess is saying but get the Powerade/Gatorade powder and mix it up as strong and weak as you like so you're constantly taking in both fluids and a little energy!