Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Races Picked

Since the MDC is only a week and a half away, I decided to look forward and see what other runs I can work towards this year.  I came up with 4 runs in total, 2 of which I had already planned on doing.  They are:

Sunday May 9
Mothers Day Classic - 4.5kms

Sunday July 18
Hills to Henley - 6kms

Sunday September 19
City-Bay - 12 kms

Sunday November 14
Glenelg Classic - 10 kms

In the middle of this, in October, we are doing a 5 day hike along the Heyson Trail. 

The reason for planning these is that I know I need something to work towards or else I just kinda lose focus.  Also, this means that by the end of this year I will have done 2 x 10km+ distances which is 1/4 of a marathon length.  Next year I will do a half marathon, although I haven't picked which one yet.

My basic plan is that once the MDC is over I keep working on my distances until I can run a whole 5kms.  After that I will work on speed for a while and I am going to start incorporating some sprint work into my runs for this.  Add in some longer bike rides and some hill hiking and I think my legs should get stronger fast enough that I can handle these distances.  For the City-Bay (12km) I don't mind if I run/walk, but for the Glenelg Classic (10km) I would like to run the whole way.

I can't believe how much I am getting in to the whole running thing.  I picked up some running magazines and I have devoured them.  Which is kinda weird coz as much as I love cycling, I hate cycling magazines.  I find them boring and tedious.
Tonight I am changing my weeknight run.  I normally run from work then ride home.  Today I am riding home then running.  Ross is coming with me and we are going to do a 5km circuit we have mapped out from home.  Since I will already by warm from the ride I will start running from home rather than walking first.  I am not aiming for a PB today, I will be happy with 2 x 15 minute runs and I will go harder on the weekend run.
Till later!


Jess @ THIR said...

I am the same. I have now entered my 3 runs, 2 x 5km and 1 x 10km.. I have paid my money, and I can't get out if it... so I am doing them!!! they are in June, July, and August... No escaping!!! Good work on chosing the 10 and 12km ones... they frighten me still! The 10km one that I am doing is Fun Run Pink, so ladies only so I don't look like a fool... lol.

AND top work on contemplating sprints... I am still struggling along with my shuffle at the moment, but the dog loves it!

Emz said...

Kylie, you're a rock star! I can just feel your motivation!! Well done. Those goals are fantastic.

Catch up soon xoxo