Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Running

Sorry my posts are all about running lately.  I promise there will be other things soon.  We are going to a Medieval Fair on the weekend so there will be lots of cool photos from that.  But for now - running.

Firstly - I have joined a running club.  At least, I have sent the paperwork off and am waiting for my membership confirmation.  The first thing I am going to do is their Start Running Class.  I won't be starting until after the MDC which means I go in on week 4 of the 8 week class.  I have spoken with the instructor (by email) and told him where I am up to with my running, and he feels that coming in on week 4 will be fine.  They will not be doing the same times I am doing, however they will probably be a bit faster, so I will hopefully be able to use their shorter runs at a higher intensity to bring my speed up.

I am really nervous about it, but I am also excited.  Once I have done the Start Running Class I am hoping to join in on one of their weekly group runs.  The SARRC (South Australian Road Runners Club) is the biggest running group in the state and they have group runs 6 days a week.  They also host the Adelaide Marathon as well as several other runs throughout the year, including the Hills to Henley and Glenelg Classic that I have already decided to do this year. 

Last night I did my mid-week run.  I rode home first, had a bit of apple, changed my shoes and was back out on the road within 10 minutes.  We decided to tackle our new 5.1km run.  The start of the run was hard.  My legs were a bit iffy from the ride (into a head wind) and I was tired.  But I persisted.  Every time I was ready to stop it was too dark to see my watch to make sure I had done at least 15 minutes so I kept going.  And going.  And going.  By the time I saw my watch it was 28 minutes, so I kept going until I hit the 30 minute mark then stopped. 

30 minutes without stopping - I ROCK!!!!!!

I told Ross that was it and I was walking the rest of the way.  But 10 minutes later I took off again and ran the rest of the way home.  My stats were:
Run 30 minutes - 2.9kms
Walk 10 minutes - 800m
Run 15 minutes 20 seconds - 1.4kms

A bit slower than normal, but considering I had just come off a 35 minute bike ride and the distance was longer than normal, I was pleased with that.

This morning I woke up feeling VERY stiff and sore.  But I still had a smile on my face coz, hell - I ran 4.3kms!  LOL  A hot shower eased some of the stiffness, but I was dreading the ride to work.  Surprisingly the ride was good (thanks Mel for the tip about having half an apple, has changed my morning rides completely!).  My legs loosened within the first km and the ride was really pleasant.  I am wishing I wasn't going to be sitting behind a desk for 10 hours today, but I will try and get up and walk around as much as possible.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!



Jess @ THIR said...

Wow... you are totally a legend!! No bike ride to work for me this morning, stinking rain and darkness stopped me going out :(

I hope I can run 30 minutes soon :(

MelBird said...

Thats fantastic!! Thats what I'm going to think about on Saturday when I just want to sit down and stop :)

Trace said...

You are so awesome Kylie that is so great work, and i love you running blogs. Your running is making you so happy and it is beaming thou your blogs. Keep it up ox Trace

katt said...

Kylie you are totally amazing. I failed on running I just cant do it.


Alibongo said...

Excellent effort Kylie!!!! *clap* clap*