Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We are Moved

Just a quick one today.

Ross & I spent the weekend moving.  Packing boxes, shifting furniture, unpacking, arranging, re-arranging...  The list is endless.  We gave it 3 full days then took a break yesterday.  There is still stuff to do at the old place, but we will deal with that next weekend.  I am surprisingly not as sore as I expected to be, but yesterday I was overwhelmingly fatigued.  Thankfully I feel ok today though.

March 10 for 10 Review

2) Ride at least 3000kms
I added only about 100 kms to the tally.  Definitely not enough.  But I am still working on it.

4) Lose 30 kilos
Lost another 1.2.  At least it is something

6) Send at least one childrens story to a publisher
Have done a class and have 2 stories that I am working on.

Not a lot of progress this month, but progress all the same.  I am sure April will be better.


PS - I have changed comments to have to be approved by me as I keep getting weird ones that I am concerned link to viruses or weird stuff.  I am sorry about this but I should approved them fairly quickly though. 


spunkysuzi said...

I think i'm going to have to do that to commenting on my blog as well!

Ness said...

Glad the move went smoothly. I know you like to progress in your challenges, but maybe one of them should have been "pack and move house a couple of times. :-P )Love to you both. Ness.