Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am still here

Oh Dear Blog, how I have neglected you...  Please accept my apologies.

I was planning on doing a big post today but I am buggered so it will be a quick summary of my week.

 - Enrolled to go back to Uni
 - Had a binge that lasted several days
 - My Achilles keeps swelling up to mammoth proportions even though it doesn't actually hurt
 - Joined Weight Watchers online
 - Had a hell week at work
 - Spent a day with my Mum, Sister and Niece playing Boggle
 - Am in the middle of making about 15 "softies" to be sent to Qld kids who have lost everything

I think that covers it. If you want me to expand on anything just leave a comment, otherwise I'll start fresh tomorrow. :)



Anonymous said...

Uni? :) Good for you......what are you going to study?

Linda50 said...

Yes, Kylie what are you studying? I'm back to blogging again too as I am trying to improve my running times. How much does the WW online cost?