Friday, January 7, 2011

This & That

Like I said in my last post yesterday - I was planning on smashing it on the bike on the way home last night. The aim was 15kms. Well, I wouldn't say I smashed it, but I pushed it pretty damn hard. I had a headwind nearly the whole way home, and I pedaled hard. My legs were fatigued and I was puffing and panting (which I don't usually do as I normally just cruise along). By the time I got home I was absolutely dripping with sweat and I was completely buggered, but geez I felt good! I did 16.47kms. I have no idea how long it took me or what my HR was, and I don't care. I know I worked hard and that is all I care about at this point. :)

After dinner (vegetable fritatta - YUM!) I went out to check my tyres, which I do every few days.  This is what I found...

Of course, I am out of spare inner tubes, aren't I...  Grumble, grumble...

So Ross is off to the bike shop today to get a couple of spares and to fix it for me (I really must learn to do that myself one of these days). And I had to catch a tram to work. The good news is, the 1.8km walk from the tram to work, all up a very slight slope, did not hurt my Achilles in the slightest. YAY!  I am back to the Physio next Tuesday and I really really hope he gives me the go ahead to start hiking again.

I did pretty good with my food yesterday too. Had some ice cream last night but it fit into my calories since I did such a hard ride. I was actually hungry too, not just mindlessly eating, so I figured it was okay. :) Am still feeling motivated and feeling good about it all.  Hopefully it lasts.

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 53
Today I am grateful that I am no longer living in Qld where all that awful rain and flooding is. My thoughts and love goes out to everyone affected by it.



Anonymous said...

I learnt to change a tyre when I went for a ride on my own and got my first flat. I had no choice but to do it :) I'd seen my boy do it a couple of times and tried to remember how to do it.......needs must when the devil drives!

Kylie said...

I do actually know how to do it - I just can't get the freaking tyres off of these rims! LOL