Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Smashed It!

Guess who rode 51.19kms today....

I did not go for my ride last weekend where I was due to ride 42kms. Today was meant to be 45kms. I have not been on the bike for over a week and something in me told me to just go for the 50.

So I did!

We got on the bikes and headed for Outer Harbour. 26kms later we were there. Stopped for brunch and a rest then headed back - straight into a head wind. My butt was amazingly sore plus I had some underwear elastic/hair/giney issues.  Made the ride home incredibly slow going.  But I did it. I skipped all the lead up and went straight for the home run!

And I SMASHED it!!!!

On to other news - camp was great but completely exhausting. I spent yesterday in bed. Food was average. But very overly processed. The chef had no idea about feeding vegos (or coeliacs for that matter) so those of us with special dietary requirements pretty much got the same crap at every meal. I feel fatter so no doubt I have gained weight, but am getting serious again this week.

I haven't caught up on any blogs anywhere so I am sorry for that. But I hope everyone is doing great and I will catch up during the week.


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