Monday, January 10, 2011

Weigh In

Weigh in today and I lost 1 kilo. Before you get too excited, it is a bullshit number. I SHOULD have lost more. But for some reason my head went haywire and I used Saturdays ride as an excuse to eat anything and everything.  So while I acknowledge the loss, it is a bullshit loss as I could have done so much better.

Anyway, moving on....

I have joined a 7 day challenge on CK. Basically you set some goals and resolve to stick to them for one week. It is only 7 days, so it shouldn't be too hard.  These are my goals:

1) Stick to my calories
2) Drink 2 L of water a day
3) Stick to my cycling training plan
4) Go for a couple of walks.

Speaking of my training plan, I have revised it. It seemed sill to aim for 33 kms this weekend when I have already done 40.  So I have reduced it by a week and increased my weekend rides to get me there quicker.

I am sure this is completely manageable and I am looking forward to doing it.

100 Days of Gratitude

Day 55
Yesterday I was grateful for very little if I am honest with myself. My whole body was fatigued from the ride and I are myself silly. If I had to be grateful for anything it would be that there was very little crap food in the house, as I could have done a LOT more damage than I did...

Day 56
Today I am grateful for Emma, who this morning gave me the pep talk I needed to get myself back on track.



Trace said...

great work Kylie, bullshit number and all!

Megan said...

I know what you mean about ruining hard work with pointless binges, but... (and I in no way want to give you/me an excuse to do it again)... but keep in mind that losing 1kg a week was pretty much what you wanted to achieve. Losing faster is not always better, as we have both discovered in our past endeavours.

By all means aim for and work towards a better week this week, but don't beat yourself up for what happened last week. Your 100 days of gratitude can focus on your good health and tenacity, which gives you a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance to try again and get it right.

Take care, Megan xx