Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motivation Found

I have been drifting along with my weight loss. Last year I paid it nearly no attention at all. And it shows. Two days ago I made the declaration that I was back into it, but I have been drifting. I do really well until dinnertime then I lose it. And for some reason I have not had the *whatever the hell it is* to motivate myself. Even the trip I am planning that I NEED to be thinner for (details to follow in the next couple of months) doesn’t seem to spark me.

Today I found it.

I was having a Skype chat to a friend of mine who lives out bush.  She has been the same as me as far as weight loss goes. Went really well for a year or so then let things slide. Now wants to do something but struggling to find the *whatever the hell it is* to actually do it.

We have decided to do it together. We will be each others *whatever the hell it is*. We will text each other the day before weigh in to remind each other and we have to report our weights in. The idea is to motivate and encourage. And the deal is that this is a tough love thing. No babying each other and saying “oh, that’s okay” when the other has eaten a block of chocolate and a tub of ice cream. It is NOT okay and this enabling bullshit is what got us where we are in the first place!

We both have goals and we will use them to encourage each other. We CAN do it, we have both done it before. Now is the time to become accountable. Knowing that E is going to be checking to see what I have eaten after dinner will stop me reaching for that bag of chips or that bowl of ice cream coz she is going to SLAM me for eating it!

I actually WANT to eat well so that I can tell her I have been good. I WANT to slam my ride tonight so I can message her and tell her. And I REALLY want to lose the weight with her so we can go on a shopping spree together when we are both skinny!  LOL



Emz said...

WOOOHOO!! We can do this, girl!

Megan said...

Good luck girls, I know you can do it!