Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Ride

My bike ride this morning was awesome.  According to my training plan I was aiming for 30kms.  I met Megan in the city I got there early so I could have a bit of a rest before she got there. I took my time and just enjoyed the ride.  I rode 11 kms to get there, but it didn’t take as long as I expected. So I laid my bike down and sat myself on the grass to wait.

When Megan got there we had a chat so she could have a rest then got on the bikes and headed off for a nice comfortable ride. We did a loop through the parklands around the city. It was a gorgeous morning and just took our time, gasbagging the whole way around. Imagine our surprise when we got back to the start point to stop for a coffee and we had done over 15kms! We were aiming for 10. :)

We stopped for a drink and food (at least I got food) and gasbagged some more – we are good at that – before heading off in different directions home. I went home via the library so by the time I got home I had done…. 40.61kms!!!!!!


50kms is not that far off. I will revise my training plan and knock at least a week off of it now I think, but it is at work so I will do it Monday.

100 Days of Gratitude – Day 54
Today I am grateful for the kindness of strangers. While I was waiting for Megan this morning a cyclist that rode past me while I was sitting on the grass actually turned around and doubled back to ask me if I was okay and needed any help with my bike. Very sweet I thought. :)


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