Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Dear...

I got on the scales today to get my yearly starting weight.  Oh my. Xmas has NOT been kind to me. Well, in actual fact, I have not been kind to myself over Xmas and it is very strongly reflected in that horrible number.


But I have had an amazing week off and I am choosing not to regret it. I had a great time, ate some absolutely amazing food, and now I will work my butt off to shift that weight. I have a pretty big goal to work towards (not sharing what it is until it is confirmed) and I am hoping that having that in mind will help to keep me focussed.

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 50
Today I am grateful that I have the knowledge I need to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle.



Megan said...

Well, you're a braver woman than I, I haven't gone near the scales, I know it won't be pretty when I do! Here's to health, happiness and shrinkage for 2011 :-)

Alibongo said...

I tried to get on my scales - they seem to be broken! ooops.

Happy New Year!!!!