Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Zero Project

The Day Zero Project - or 101 in 1001 - is a goal setting site.  I got the details from Amanda at Eat to Live, Live to Run.  It is basically like the 43 Things site, but it gives you a timeframe to meet your goals.  You set a list of goals (I went with the 101 goals) and you have 1001 days to do it, or 2 years and 9 months. 

I have set my start date as at April 4, this Sunday, because that give me an end date of my 40th Birthday.  So in the next 2 years 9 months I have a list of 101 goals I want to achieve.  Some are big, some are small, some are silly, some are fun, some are serious.  But they are all things I want to do.

In no particular order, here is my list of 101 things.

1 Run a whole 5k fun run
2 Run a whole 10K fun run
3 Run a half marathon
4 Ride to Melbourne
5 Walk 1st section of Heyson
6 Reach my goal weight
7 Start Martial Arts classes
8 Go on a Trail Run
9 Take a beginners Yoga Class
10 Ride 100 kms in a day
11 Do a triathlon
12 Ride to Port Victoria, stay a few nights then ride home
13 Run the 12k City-Bay
14 Ride to the van in Goolwa
15 Sponsor a World Vision Child
16 Send 3 childrens stories to publishers (0/3)
17 Try 50 new Recipes (0/50)
18 Donate Blood 5 Times (0/5)
19 Go abseiling
20 Find a nice home where Ross & I can stay for a few years
21 Go on a date with Ross once a month (0/33)
22 Make a list of 100 things I love about my hubby. Leave it where he can find it.
23 Buy a caravan with Ross and our Mums and use it
24 Make 5 items of clothing (0/5)
25 Make living room furnishings
26 Scrapbook the photos of me and Ross
27 Get my Wedding album made
28 Finish the Knitted lap quilts
29 Start my planned hexagon quilt by hand
30 Fly a Kite
31 Learn Fire Twirling
32 Swim with Dolphins
33 Sleep under the stars in the outback (no tent)
34 Go Snorkelling
35 Learn to play my hand drums
36 Grow my own Vegetables
37 Identify 100 things that make me happy - besides Money
38 Make meditation part of my daily routine
39 Go rock climbing (indoor or out)
40 Turn my recipes into a recipe book for my family
41 Read 15 new authors (0/15)
42 Get a dog
43 Start my novel
44 Find employment I love
45 Run a marathon
46 Go skinny dipping
47 Join a running club
48 Get my Reiki 2
49 Become a Reiki Master
50 Pay off my Debts
51 Go on a weekend Spiritual Retreat
52 Complete a Cert IV in either Aromatherapy or Reflexology
53 Watch Season 6 of Buffy
54 Watch Season 7 of Buffy
55 Watch Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
56 Watch Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
57 Watch Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King
58 Go to Melbourne to see a Musical
59 Do a Tarot Course
60 Do a Psychic Development Class
61 See Spiral Dance Live
62 Go see a live pub band
63 Go to a Comedy Show
64 Watch the end of True Blood Season 1
65 Go to 5 Baseball Games (0/5)
66 Perform one Random Act of Kindness (RAK) for another person every day for a month
67 Do a Basic Bike Maintenance Course
68 1 Month Car-free
69 Find a book club to join
70 See Avatar
71 Go and see Local Footy Game
72 Do a Basic Spanish Course
73 See a 3D movie
74 Have a picnic at sunset on the beach
75 Go Vegan for a Day
76 Walk Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty in under 2 hours
77 Make Chocolate Crackles
78 Make the perfect Brownie
79 Spend an entire day in silence
80 Join or form a meditation group
81 Build a Sandcastle
82 Learn Henna Tattooing
83 Roll down a big hill
84 Send 10 handwritten letters to friends (0/10)
85 Have a "pampering" day at a Day Spa
86 Take a Photo every day for a month (not snapsots) (0/31)
87 Colour in a whole colouring in book
88 Finish the "homework" given in my Reiki 1 class
89 See an Ice Hockey Game
90 Have an entire weekend with no phone and no computer
91 Learn Feng Shui
92 Take a Painting Class
93 Get 30 Followers on my Blog
94 Do a fast/detox
95 Do a Successful Tarot Reading
96 Have a Make Over done
97 Hold another Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council
98 Hold a Girls Night In for the Cancer Council
99 Teach Barney (the Cocky) to say my name
100 Hold a Dinner Party for 8 people and cook all courses myself
101 Make 3 new friends (0/3)

What goals would you set yourself for the next 1001 days?


Jess @ THIR said...

Wow, are you serious?

This might be a blog for Friday when I have a lot of time on my hands, so look out for Fridays blog, lol.

And, the do a Triathlon one... THAT'S THE ONLY GOAL I READ!
Nah, kidding, the 100 things about Ross is a good idea, I might have to steal that for Superman.

I am not sure I can think that far in advance though! I mean almost three years is a long time for me, because really, I can hardly think 6 months in advance, lol.
(yes, an excuse!)

Kylie said...

Jess I have been working on the list for about 2 weeks. It is really hard. I already had a 43 things list that I have been working through for about a year, but there are a lot of things not on this one because I know it won't be possible within the time frame.

I am a list person so this really resonated with me. Give it a shot - you might be surprised at what you come up with!

Linda50 said...

Wow Kylie - that is fantastic. I'll check out the website but it will take some time to do the list as you said. Not sure I could do number 90 though - Mr Laptop goes with us on holidays even.

Kylie said...

I can not wait to do number 90 Linda. Camping is already no computer but we are going to start making it no phones as well, even when we are in range.

Emz said...

Wow, that's fantastic, girl!!! Way to go!!

Hey, is it your birthday on the 4th? YAY! I just realised that you'll be seeing me for my birthday tomorrow.. hehe that worked out well :P

Can't wait to catch up tomorrow. I have all your goodies + a little extra for you! :)
Em xox

Kylie said...

Thanks Em.

I am starting the Project on April 4 2010, finishing on my birthday which is Dec 31 2012.

Is it your birthday tomorrow? YAY! Coffee is on me then.


Anonymous said...

90 is the best! I do it most weekends :)Just cos I have a phone it doesn't mean I have to turn it on or answer it.

Trace said...

I love 83 that stuff makes me happy! Great List Kylie

Kylie said...

Mel, I am getting more like that on the weekends. I had my phone on silent for my course on Saturday and forgot to turn it back on till Sunday night and it was fantastic!

Trace, I can't wait to do 83. Just need to find the right hill! LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and Rossco!! xoxoxo