Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MDC Official Times are In

Thank you all so much for your amazing comments yesterday.  You are all so wonderfully supportive and I do thank you for that.  So here it is...

Official Times for MDC

Kylie  -  38:43 mins
36-40 year old females  -  59/63
All women  -  495/512
Overall  -  683/708

Ross  -  22:52 mins
36-40 year old men  -  14/24
All men  -  96/196
Overall  -  219/708

I am happy with that.  Actually I am really happy.  My watch said 38:46 but I thought the official timing would be quite different which is why I said around the 39 minute mark.  And I didn't come last in ANY category!  YAHOOO! LOL

Last night was cooking class.  No photos yet I am sorry.  We made Sweet Potato & Cashew Croquettes with Tangy Salsa - SO yum! - and Sticky Date with Toffee Sauce.  We only cooked up 1 croquette to try, and I took the mix home.  I will make them tomorrow night and you can have photos then.  And the Sticky Date looks great, but we are going to do the sauce tonight and serve it up and will take pics then. 

Tonight I am walking home from work.  The way I will probably go is about 8.2kms.  I am still a bit stiff from the weekend and I won't be timing myself, this is just to get some distance in my legs.  We head off to Heyson in 5 months so we need to start concentrating on that.  I will do a few sprints on the way home too. 

My next running goal is to get to 5kms, then after that it is time to look at speed.  I am hoping the sprints will help with that.

Have a great day everyone!



Anonymous said...

Are you going to do the Pink triathlon now?

Kylie said...

Mel, I'd love to. But they still don't have an Adelaide event. I emailed them a few weeks ago and was told they are "working on it".
If it ever comes here I am there!