Friday, May 28, 2010


This has been a looooong week.  Thankfully it is Friday!  YAY!  Thank you for all your kind wishes regarding Ross.  He is completely fine.  It looks like it was a virus and it is clearing up and everyone is doing well.  It is so scary when this happens though.  He feels like he wasted hospital time, however with his history he HAS to be vigilant and be wary of any pain.  I am glad we got it checked out and that all is okay.

Tomorrow I am doing a Learn Tarot class at the WEA.  I am really excited about it.  I have several sets of Tarot cards that I have collected over the years, but I have never really learned how to use them.  I feel like now is the time so off I go to class!  I have several other things like this on the go right now as well.  I am feeling more and more drawn to all things spiritual and new-age-y.  I have had a very keen interest in these areas for well over 15 years, but this year I am moving from someone with an interest, to someone who is active in this area.  It is exciting, and scary, and exhilarating all at the same time.

Next week I am doing my first Reiki session on someone outside of my immediate family.  Em has kindly donated her body to science and is allowing me to practice on her.  I hope it goes well.

Other than that I am relaxing and focusing on me.  The cooler it gets the more I tend to withdraw into myself.  Not in a negative way, in an introspective recharging way.  I love winter for that element, and I am actually looking forward to camping this winter as I am feeling more and more drawn to nature right now as well.  For a born and bred city girl, being drawn to nature is slightly obscure.  But I am trusting in my own intuition, and if nature is where I need to be, then that is where I'll be.

Other than that I am hoping to get out for a run on Sunday.  It has been 2 weeks.  I am not feeling bad about that, I just needed a break.  I have altered my planned runs to enter (in sidebar) to compensate for the fact that I need to rest and recharge.  I am looking forward to getting out there again though.

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday.  Catch you all on the weekend!


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