Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sprints and Eating

Last night I did sprints for the first time, and can I just say...


Everything hurts!

I only did 3 sprints, 30 seconds, 24 seconds, and 23 seconds.  But I truly did sprint.  I went as hard and as fast as I possibly could.  I also ran up the tram bridge at a pace slightly faster than my normal shuffle and made it about 3/4 of the way up.

By bed time last night I could barely move.  Getting up to go to the toilet in the night felt like an endurance event.  And riding to work this morning... Well, let's just say I am surprised I am here!  I can not believe how much pain I am in.  I have pain in muscles I did not know existed.  Let's just hope it settles down in the next 34 hours or so as I have my first running group tomorrow night and I would like to be able to move at least a little bit.

I am still thinking about food a lot, trying to work things out.  I know that the best way for my running speed to improve is to start dropping weight.  The less I weigh, the less I have to lug around with me, and the easier it will be to move.  I know this.  But I just can't get my head around calorie counting again.  I will NOT do a fad diet or a shake type diet.  I know that I need to make better food choices.  Last night I realised that I am fine at home.  We bought chocolate on Saturday, and most of it is still there.  Last night I felt like a bit, so I broke off a couple of rows, savoured it, and I was done.  I guess that means that my old way of eating-everything-in-the-house-just-because-it-is-there has gone.  Finally.  I no longer have to eat everything that is there, I can put it aside once I am satisfied.

At home that is.

At work I still go nuts.  And I am sure it is related to my boredom levels and my personal satisfaction level.  At home things are fine.  I am usually busy with something, we all get along great, the cats are there, life is good.  At work I am bored, I don't like what I do, I am often dealing with crappy customers/agents/banks etc.  And I deal with this in the old way - with food.

I haven't worked out how I am going to get through this, but I do believe that if I can break through this work hurdle, I may be on my way to having a somewhat normal relationship with food, which will hopefully translate into lower weight.  I'll keep on mulling it over.

Daily Goals
1)  Drinks lots of water
2)  Get up from my desk and walk around as much as possible to loosen the muscles
3)  Make good food choices
4)  Try to get through my whole To-Do List
5)  Relax tonight and take some time out.


PS - Mel, I would LOVE to do Tri Pink but there isn't one in Adelaide yet.  Last years was cancelled due to issues with the venue, and when I emailed them a couple of weeks ago they said they were "getting close" to securing a new venue.  Hopefully they will be here next year and then I am IN!


Trace said...

Great work with the Sprinting Kylie, I take Magnesium to help with my muscles being to sore. But your training your muscles great and they will work harder for you! keep at it.!
ox Trace

Jess @ THIR said...

Like Trace said, magnesium is good!! I take a protein with magnesium in it, Vital Stregth: Define. Stops a lot of the soreness after an epic PT session. Well done on the sprinting! I tried that... no good, lol. Maybe tonight.
I totally get the work thing. I only take to work what I am allowed to eat and that's it, no money so I can't buy shit from the caf, and if it's all gone by lunch time, well, bad luck.
Try doing a puzzle for a minute if you need a break. I love samurai sudoku at the moment. They are evil, lol. But keeps me amused and looking busy ;)